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14.05// Thursday, 11:00AM CET | Spanish Speaker
25.05// Monday, 10:00AM CET | Dutch Speaker
27.05// Wednesday, 10:00AM CET | German Speaker

18.05// Monday, 10:00AM CET | Dutch Speaker

20.05// Wednesday, 10:00AM CET | Dutch Speaker
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28.05// Thursday, 10:00AM CET | German Speaker


Lincoln Electric is releasing the new 2020 Weldline catalogue

New release of WELDLINE 2020 CATALOGUE is available now

By a complete offer of individual protective equipment as well as tools and accessories dedicated to welding applications, our objective is to create more comfort and safety for the welder.

Highlights of the 2020 Weldline catalogue include:

  • personal protection equipment including new line of welding apparel,
  • welding guns including plasma torches and expendables,
  • other accessories for welding applications such as chemicals, ceramic backings and many more.

Discover our offer of quality products and download the new 2020 catalogue at

Hyperfill – Bigger and faster welds in semi-automatic GMAW welding

HyperFill™ is a patent pending twin-wire GMAW-P solution that utilizes two electrically conductive wires, energized by a single power source and fed through a single wire feeder, single gun liner and a single tip.

User advantages:

  • Single power source
  • Single feeder
  • Single gun liner
  • Single contact tip
  • Single electrical arc

Due to its innovative twin-wire design, HyperFill™ is able to utilize two smaller diameter wires to produce a larger weld droplet and arc cone. In return, this generates a large weld puddle that is easy to manage and control, allowing operators to increase deposition by an average of 50% over traditional single-wire processes.

User advantages:

  • Higher deposition rate
  • Easy molten puddle control
  • Comfortable for the welder
  • Large beads achievable

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World Skills competitionin Kazan, Russia

45th WORLDSKILLS INTERNATIONAL Competition in Kazan 2019


Every two years WorldSkills International hosts the world skills competition which attracts more than 1 300 competitors from more than 60 countries. At this event, young people from all corners of the globe gather together for the chance to win a prestigious medal in their chosen skill. The Competitors represent the best of their peers and are selected from skills competitions that are held in WorldSkills Member countries and regions.

The 45th WorldSkills International Competition takes place in Kazan from August 22-27, 2019. It will bring together more than 1 300 young professionals representing 63 countries and regions who will compete in 56 skills. The event will be held at the KAZAN EXPO International Exhibition Centre in Russia.

Lincoln Electric is the exclusive supplier of welding and cutting products in eight skills competitions. We provide the products and technical support to be sure the competitions meet the highest standards possible.

We are proud Global Industry Partner of WorldSkills International because we share similar missions. We seek to inspire youth while educating the industry on the latest technologies in safety, quality and productivity solutions. Simply put, we want to make welding educators better at what they do… train the industry while inspiring and preparing the next generation of welders. We do this through a value added solutions approach with a complete offering of advanced trainers, welding & cutting equipment, welding consumables, teaching aids, curriculum and train-the-trainer programs.
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Please visit us at our contact booth in Hall C between Skill 10 Welding and Skill 42 Construction Metal Work where we can have a conversation on ways to “improve the world with the power of skills”.

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Robotic cells FLEX-FAB from Lincoln Electric

Boost your production capacity with robotic welding technology

Lincoln Electric offers a ready to use solution for robotic welding, key to optimize productivity, flexibility and quality for welding applications in metal construction and manufacturing:

  • A high performance arc robot with several features and options
  • An advanced welding equipment, POWER WAVE® R450 with a large choice of MIG/MAG processes
  • An optimized wire feeding system with high quality consumables
  • CHECKPOINT™ software solution to manage data and traceability
  • A fume extraction and filtration for a better environment
  • Assistance, service and maintenance of your equipment
  • Fixture on demand, depending on the application

Our advanced and affordable Flex-Fab robotic welding cells are the optimal solutions for small to medium size parts.


Lincoln Electric at SteelFab 2019

Lincoln Electric is exposing at STEELFAB 2019

Lincoln Electric is part of the 15th edition of SteelFab exhibition

It has been 15 years that SteelFab exhibition has firmly established its place as the most dynamic and dependable exhibition for the steel fabrication in the UAE region.

From January 14th to 17th, Lincoln Electric teams will be among the hundreds of exhibitors from more than 20 countries to welcome and present our solutions, focusing especially on oil & gas and infrastructure segment actors.

On our 200 m² booth, our advanced solutions for automatic cutting will be presented: the PYTHONX® installation which enhances productivity, the new EUROTOME2 combined cutting installation, Torchmate compact cutting tables and process piping solutions from Vernon Tool. Oerlikon consumables will also be part of the fair with a special focus on Fluxofil range.

14-17 January 2019
Center Sharjah, UAE
Hall 6 – stand 4300

Come and visit us at SteelFab Show!

Weldline catalogue 2019

Visit our website & download new Weldline catalogue 2019

WELDLINE® by Lincoln Electric: MORE comfort and safety for welders

WELDLINE® by Lincoln Electric is the transversal brand for the Welder’s Environment.
By a complete offer of individual protective equipment as well as tools and accessories dedicated to welding applications, our objective is to create more comfort and safety for the welder. The portfolio is a careful selection of quality products including:

  • Welding torches and expendables
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Other accessories for welding applications.


Quality products
Chosen by our international team, WELDLINE® by Lincoln Electric products comply with the European standards, always aiming to meet customer’s requirements in the best possible way.
Value for money
We use our global purchasing power to ensure that our customers can benefit from quality products with the right price.
Optimized logistics
A single brand supporting Lincoln Electric, OERLIKON & SAF-FRO networks to ensure increased product availability to all our customers.

Discover our offer of quality products and download the new catalogue 2019 at

Euroblech 2018


Come and discover our latest innovations in cutting & welding automation at EUROBLECH 2018!

Lincoln Electric & Oerlikon will be present at EUROBLECH 2018 in Hanover from 23rd to 26th October 2018. On booth F200 – Hall 13, discover our latest innovations in cutting & welding automation and exchange with our experts.

We will present our best thermal cutting solutions for oxycutting and / or plasma processes :

  • The new EUROTOME 2 installation, showing excellent cutting qualities and whose implementation is quick and easy, with a reduced operating cost. Robust, flexible, economical and secure, the EUTROTOME 2 can be equipped with plasma, compressed air, high-precision plasma or oxyfuel cutting processes
  • The TORCHMATE range, compact cutting table, equipped with a 125 A power source, with compressed air plasma, will be demonstrated. Very easy and quick installation, it offers high performance for steels and stainless steel.

Come and talk to our experts about the productivity improvements that PythonX, our plasma cutting installation specialized in the flow of beams for tainless steel structures’ fabrication, could bring you.


Supporting EuroSkills 2018

As the global partner of WorldSkills International, Lincoln Electric is proudly supporting EuroSkills, the European edition of WorldSkills Competition, held every two years. This fall this spectacular event is taking place in Budapest, Hungary, from 26th to 28th September.

Lincoln Electric believes in supporting education at many levels including youth organizations that teach welding and the skilled trades. WorldSkills Europe is an international nonprofit organization that promotes quality skilled work and vocational education, raising awareness of the importance of the professional excellence and training. It provides a unique means of exchange and comparison of world-class competency standards in the industrial trades and service sectors.

Lincoln Electric will be the exclusive welding supplier and one of main sponsors of EuroSkills 2018. We will provide 20 complete sets of: equipment (advanced MIG/MAG and TIG AC/DC), weld fume control units, consumables and accessories, including personal protection. Additionally, we will run an exhibition booth where we would like to present Lincoln portfolio and show possibilities of virtual welding with VRTEX360.

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