Lincoln Electric is releasing the new 2020 Weldline catalogue

New release of WELDLINE 2020 CATALOGUE is available now

By a complete offer of individual protective equipment as well as tools and accessories dedicated to welding applications, our objective is to create more comfort and safety for the welder.

Highlights of the 2020 Weldline catalogue include:

  • personal protection equipment including new line of welding apparel,
  • welding guns including plasma torches and expendables,
  • other accessories for welding applications such as chemicals, ceramic backings and many more.

Discover our offer of quality products and download the new 2020 catalogue at

Hyperfill – Bigger and faster welds in semi-automatic GMAW welding

HyperFill™ is a patent pending twin-wire GMAW-P solution that utilizes two electrically conductive wires, energized by a single power source and fed through a single wire feeder, single gun liner and a single tip.

User advantages:

  • Single power source
  • Single feeder
  • Single gun liner
  • Single contact tip
  • Single electrical arc

Due to its innovative twin-wire design, HyperFill™ is able to utilize two smaller diameter wires to produce a larger weld droplet and arc cone. In return, this generates a large weld puddle that is easy to manage and control, allowing operators to increase deposition by an average of 50% over traditional single-wire processes.

User advantages:

  • Higher deposition rate
  • Easy molten puddle control
  • Comfortable for the welder
  • Large beads achievable

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